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Redeemer’s Love Houston is led by a team of three pastors: Spencer Simpson, David Matthew & Kingsley Nduka. These pastors are available to help our church family & friends journey towards maturity in the Christian life.


Spencer Simpson

Spencer was born and raised in Lubbock Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors in History and a minor in Religion Studies. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary here in Houston.


David Matthew

David was born and raised here in South West Houston. He graduated from Houston Baptist University with a bachelors in Business and Art. He is currently a teacher at A+ Charter School.


Kingsley Nduka

Kingsley was born and raised in Nigeria. He graduated from ESUT university with a Bachelors in Architecture. He is currently pursuing a second Bachelors Degree in Acts of Religion at the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary.