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Welcome to Redeemer's Love Houston; a church filled with broken people MADE NEW by the Redeemer's Love!

I, too, am a person broken by sin, but made (and being made) new in Christ.  I'm 36, and I know, first hand, from my own short life, that "Sin Ruins, (But) God Redeems!"  

I'm extremely grateful for the gift of a godly Mom & Dad who sincerely love Jesus.  My Dad is a retired pastor, and he has taught me more than anyone about pastoral ministry and godly character.  Additionally, God blessed me with the opportunity to be equipped for ministry at the College of Biblical Studies-Houston (and also East Texas Baptist University).  I've had the great privilege of working in vocational ministry for going on 16 years now, including as Interim Pastor for International Baptist Church of Bratislava, Slovakia (now Bratislava Faith Community), and as Lead Pastor for Calvary International Baptist Church in Taipei, Taiwan.  I've also worked on staff with Mission Waco, where I learned much about serving the community in holistic ways.

I love my wife, Amanda!  She is a beautiful Brazilian gift from God, and my greatest earthly treasure!  Together we are committed to loving & serving God, our Redeemer's Love Church Family, and the multi-cultural community in which we live.  

To better understand what a pastor IS & DOES, I invite you to read my blog post: THE PASTOR.