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Below are links to various ministries that provide a wealth of information to help grow your understanding of the Bible and deepen your walk with the Lord

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This website contains MacArthur’s in depth sermons on every verse in the New Testament as well as articles on every topic you can think of!


A wealth of articles, sermons and podcasts from John Piper and his associates.

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Short articles answering over 500,000 Bible questions! If you have a question while reading your Bible its most likely addressed here.


If you want to know more about defending the faith then this is the link for you! This is a youtube channel connected with Apologia Church in Arizona.


Science from a Christian Worldview. Science and Christianity go hand in hand. AIG exist to provide credible and scholarly research about scientific topics with a particular focus on the debate between creation and evolution.


Theology Gals is a podcast by women on Reformed theology. The podcast addresses a variety of topics on the study of God’s Word, sound theology and the Christian life.


Theology is not just for boys! This podcast explores theology, current events, and trends from a Christian women’s perspective.


Wendy Alsup’s blog explores theological topics and issues and brings them to practical and applicable conclusions for women.


Disclaimer: While we highly recommend all these ministries, remember that everything they say does not necessarily reflect our beliefs at Redeemer’s Love. This is all meant to help you think and grow in reaching your own conclusions. There are a variety of opinions on some issues here from many people who love the Lord dearly and who hold the Gospel in common with each other.